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We are the children of a technological age. We have found streamlined ways of doing much of our routine work. Printing is no longer the only way of reproducing books. Reading them, however, has not changed.

Tags: | Lawrence Clark Powell,Work,Technology,Children,

I hate to mention age, but I come from an era when we weren't consumed by technology and television.

Tags: | Jimmy Buffett,Technology,Hate,Television,

We are in an electronic technology age now and it's about time we put away the old stuff.

Tags: | Monica Edwards,Time,Technology,Away,

We are in an age of technology where we sit in our little cubicles and we IM each other and Skype each other and never connect as human beings.

Tags: | Sarah McLachlan,Technology,Skype,Never,

What troubles me is the Internet and the electronic technology revolution. Shyness is fueled in part by so many people spending huge amounts of time alone, isolated on e-mail, in chat rooms, which reduces their face-to-face contact with other people.

Tags: | Philip Zimbardo,Time,Technology,Revolution,

Style used to be an interaction between the human soul and tools that were limiting. In the digital era, it will have to come from the soul alone.

Tags: | Jaron Lanier,Technology,Soul,Style,

I have mixed feelings about how fast things are changing as a result of technology. There's no denying that through technology there are amazing things being created that help people with diseases or help people's dreams come true. But there's also this obsession. Social media is the most dangerous of them all.

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In the 20th century, we had a century where at the beginning of the century, most of the world was agricultural and industry was very primitive. At the end of that century, we had men in orbit, we had been to the moon, we had people with cell phones and colour televisions and the Internet and amazing medical technology of all kinds.

Tags: | David Gerrold,Technology,Moon,Men,

Did you ever spell a word so bad that your spell check has absolutely no clue what you're trying to spell? What do you end up getting, you end up getting, like, a question mark. You got a million dollars of technology just looking back at you like, 'You got me, buddy. Which is pretty amazing because I have all the words.'

Tags: | Bill Burr,Technology,Words,End,

It's been amazing to step out of a bottle of ink on to an iPad. There's no better time than right now to embrace this fabulous sandpit of technology. Because intuitively, at the touch of a finger, most of it is possible.

Tags: | Max Walker,Time,Technology,Step,

I was the first spokesperson for the Better Hearing Institute in Washington. And that's the message we tried to send out - there is hearing help out there, and the technology and options are amazing.

Tags: | Norm Crosby,Technology,Help,Better,

I just think technology is pretty amazing. Like all things that are great, you have to be responsible about how much you use it.

Tags: | Jason Bateman,Technology,Great,

I've always been fascinated with the juxtaposition of technology in music, not only in recording, but in the keyboard. It's amazing the way you can apply technology to an art form.

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The tall building, concentrating man in one place more densely than ever before, similarly concentrates the dilemma of our public architecture at the end of the twentieth century: whether the new forms made possible by technology are doomed by the low calculations of modern patrons and their architects.

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