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Teachers are not supposed to be repositories of information which they dish out. That is from an age when there were no other repositories of information, other than books or teachers, neither of which were portable. A lot of my big task is retraining these teachers.

Tags: | Sugata Mitra,Information,Task,Big,

When you have two busy kids running around the house, returning e-mails is a task, let alone surfing the web.

Tags: | Tom Brady,Busy,Task,House,

Architecture arouses sentiments in man. The architect's task therefore, is to make those sentiments more precise.

Tags: | Adolf Loos,Man,Task,More,

In addressing a task, one almost always has several possible options, sometimes only a few, and they may all be practical and functional. But they lack the aesthetic aspect that raises it to architecture.

Tags: | Arne Jacobsen,Sometimes,Task,Possible,

The task of art today is to bring chaos into order.

Tags: | Theodor Adorno,Today,Chaos,Task,

Art is the proper task of life.

Tags: | Friedrich Nietzsche,Life,Task,Proper,

Perhaps one day we will have machines that can cope with approximate task descriptions, but in the meantime, we have to be very prissy about how we tell computers to do things.

Tags: | Richard P. Feynman,Day,Will,Task,

Once the product's task is known, design the interface first: then implement to the interface design.

Tags: | Jef Raskin,Task,Product,First,

When clients come to my design agency and say 'I want to be the Apple of this or that,' we say 'Okay, are you ready to be the Steve Jobs?' Few are up to the task.

Tags: | Yves Behar,Apple,Want,Task,

It is at once the most overwhelmingly frustrating and exasperating task and the most joyous and rewarding experience to make human beings out of children.

Tags: | Neil Kurshan,Children,Task,Human,

No one should fear to undertake any task in the name of our Saviour, if it is just and if the intention is purely for His holy service.

Tags: | Christopher Columbus,Service,Name,Task,

Government is inherently incompetent, and no matter what task it is assigned, it will do it in the most expensive and inefficient way possible.

Tags: | Charley Reese,Matter,Way,Task,

The task of the government is not only to pour honey into a cup, but sometimes to give bitter medicine.

Tags: | Vladimir Putin,Medicine,Sometimes,Task,

Providing health care is like building a house. The task requires experts, expensive equipment and materials, and a huge amount of coordination.

Tags: | Atul Gawande,Building,Care,Task,


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