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I think the greatest amount of pressure is the pressure I place on myself. So in a way I chose to be alone.

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Pressure is an emotional paralysis. It's hard enough to do the dishes when you're feeling pressured, let alone make a movie.

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Dude, I turn into a six-year-old when I come to Disneyland. It's amazing. My eyes glass over and my blood pressure goes down. I'm just like everybody else. I turn into a big kid when I come here. It's the happiest place on earth, right?

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Like every girl, I felt amazing pressure to look like the popular girls, but no one told me the popular girls were all air brushed in magazines.

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Unpleasant reading on the subject of anger tells us that there's not really anything wrong with it. In limited amounts. It can even be a good thing. A pressure valve.

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It is very sad for a man to make himself servant to a single thing: his manhood all taken out of him by the hydraulic pressure of excessive business.

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The easiest and simplest thing that any one can do to make their car safer, more gas efficient, whatever - check the tire pressure.

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I think we felt the pressure more at first than this time around. But still you don't want to let anyone down. I never even met Patrick until we had a Christmas party at Ian McKellen's house on the first movie and then I didn't see him again until the premiere.

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When I was younger, the pressure was just being cool. I never thought of myself as a cool guy. I always thought of myself as more of the goofy guy.

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Courage is grace under pressure.

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My Dad was my biggest supporter. He never put pressure on me.

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I didn't try to copy my dad or fit into the pressure or the mold that everybody tried to make me fit into.

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If you can lie, you can act, and if you can lie to crazy girlfriends, you can act under pressure.

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All brands, whether high-ticket luxury ones such as Cartier or Rolls-Royce or 'masstige' ones with luxe-y overtones but altogether more affordable, all want to grow. Even brands that may have started in a modestly niche design and lifestyle fashion can find themselves under pressure to go global or to sell out at the top.

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