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In this electronic age we see ourselves being translated more and more into the form of information, moving toward the technological extension of consciousness.

Tags: | Marshall McLuhan,Moving,Information,

Dancing has been in us, in people, since the Neanderthal age. There's something about moving, something about interpreting yourself to the music, that's attractive, that's interesting, that's intriguing, and everyone wishes they could do that.

Tags: | Maksim Chmerkovskiy,Music,Moving,Yourself,

I have seen lonely people of advancing age, yet as constant as angels, keeping faith to those they loved who fell in wars that current generations, not having known them, cannot even forget. The sight of them moving hesitantly among the tablets and crosses is enough to break your heart.

Tags: | Mark Helprin,Faith,Heart,Moving,

In my better sense of mind, I know that I'm far from alone and far from the worst, and the earth keeps spinning. Everything keeps moving, with or without me.

Tags: | Phil Anselmo,Mind,Moving,Me,

It's amazing how good getting up and moving makes you feel.

Tags: | Paula Deen,Good,Moving,Feel,

I feel like when you have an unauthorized police badge and something that looks like it could be a concealed weapon in the small of your back that when you, someone crosses you, pisses you off, road rage, I think just the slight badge and the little moving away of the jacket and not losing eye contact does amazing things.

Tags: | Sandra Bullock,Road,Moving,Police,

So I won an Oscar. It's amazing. I've got that for the rest of my life for a performance I am proud of. It nearly killed me. I am really proud of the film. That's it, moving on.

Tags: | Kate Winslet,Life,Moving On,Moving,

If life is a checker game, someone else is moving the pieces. It isn't us. Don't be surprised by amazing coincidences. There are no accidents. Consider, as I learned to do, the incredible interconnectedness of all of life.

Tags: | Wayne Dyer,Life,Moving,Game,

A wonderful emotion to get things moving when one is stuck is anger. It was anger more than anything else that had set me off, roused me into productivity and creativity.

Tags: | Mary Garden,Creativity,Moving,Me,

What influenced me was Tori Amos, who was unapologetic about expressing anger through music, and Sinead O'Connor. Those two in particular were really moving for me, and very inspiring, before I wrote 'Jagged Little Pill.'

Tags: | Alanis Morissette,Music,Moving,Me,

People are moving into modes of participation and self-generation, which apply to everything from museums and television to architecture.

Tags: | Jake Barton,Moving,People,Television,

My attitude has always been, if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward. All you have to do is get back up and try again.

Tags: | Richard Branson,Moving Forward,Moving,Fall,

My opponents attitude is, 'If it moves, tax it, if it keeps moving, regulate it and when it stops, subsidize it.

Tags: | Rob Simmons,Moving,Tax,Opponents,

Endeavour to be faithful, and if there is any beauty in your thought, your style will be beautiful: if there is any real emotion to express, the expression will be moving.

Tags: | George Henry Lewes,Beautiful,Style,Moving,


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