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I have a theory that there are still parts of our mental worlds that are still based around the age of between five and eight, and we just kind of pretend to be grown-up.

Tags: | Kate Bush,Kind,Grown-Up,Mental,

Loving someone liberates the lover as well as the beloved. And that kind of love comes with age.

Tags: | Maya Angelou,Love,Someone,Kind,

An age which is incapable of poetry is incapable of any kind of literature except the cleverness of a decadence.

Tags: | Raymond Chandler,Poetry,Literature,Kind,

Publishing is in a kind of Jurassic age.

Tags: | Paulo Coelho,Kind,Publishing,Jurassic,

For an adult, eating alone at McDonald's is admitting a kind of defeat.

Tags: | Jonathan Carroll,Defeat,Eating,Kind,

I had - after I sang the 'Star Spangled Banner' so badly, after my tragic singing accident, after that, you know, all my stuff kind of, like, really got even more full blown and, you know, I got stage fright and, you know, I couldn't do stand-up anymore and let alone sing and all the other things.

Tags: | Roseanne Barr,Know,Singing,Kind,

You may tell a man thou art a fiend, but not your nose wants blowing: to him alone who can bear a thing of that kind, you may tell all.

Tags: | Johann Kaspar Lavater,Art,Man,Kind,

To come out and meet kids who have my books in their hands is kind of amazing.

Tags: | Jeff Kinney,Hands,Meet,Kind,

Count your blessings. You are one of a kind. There's no one in the world like you. You are amazing.

Tags: | Richard Simmons,World,Blessings,Kind,

Christopher Reeve did such an amazing job that to give him some kind of accent or more bravado would have been wrong. Audiences wouldn't have responded to that either.

Tags: | Brandon Routh,Job,Wrong,Kind,

I usually get all my stress and anger out at the gym. But when I get out, I'm kind of a pleasant person - really.

Tags: | Natalie Martinez,Stress,Gym,Kind,

An artist's only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anyone else's.

Tags: | J. D. Salinger,Perfection,Artist,Kind,

I'm a big illustration and comic book fan. In my eyes, comic books and illustration are the same kind of art forms.

Tags: | Mika,Eyes,Book,Kind,

My attitude is always one of sensuality, aggressive enthusiasm and a kind of outrageousness in my expression.

Tags: | Sally Kirkland,Enthusiasm,Kind,Expression,


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