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When I am finishing a picture, I hold some God-made object up to it - a rock, a flower, the branch of a tree or my hand - as a final test. If the painting stands up beside a thing man cannot make, the painting is authentic. If there's a clash between the two, it's bad art.

Tags: | Marc Chagall,Flower,Tree,Man,

When I judge art, I take my painting and put it next to a God made object like a tree or flower. If it clashes, it is not art.

Tags: | Paul Cezanne,God,Flower,Tree,

London, thou art the flower of cities all!

Tags: | William Dunbar,Flower,London,Cities,

The rose is the flower and handmaiden of love - the lily, her fair associate, is the emblem of beauty and purity.

Tags: | Dorothea Dix,Love,Flower,Rose,

I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty.

Tags: | Georgia O'Keeffe,Nature,Flower,You,

By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower.

Tags: | Rabindranath Tagore,Flower,Gardening,You,

Beauty is but a flower, which wrinkles will devour.

Tags: | Thomas Nashe,Flower,Wrinkles,Will,

Would Jove appoint some flower to reign, in matchless beauty on the plain, the Rose (mankind will all agree). The Rose the queen of flowers should be.

Tags: | Sappho,Flower,Flowers,Queen,

I want it said of me by those who knew me best, that I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow.

Tags: | Abraham Lincoln,Flower,Gardening,Thought,

The flower has opened, has been in the sun and is unafraid. I'm taking more chances: I'm bold and proud.

Tags: | Paula Cole,Flower,Sun,Proud,

My name is Lithuanian. My father was born there, and he gave me a cool name. It's the Lithuanian national flower - looks like a weed, a little bit like me! - although in Spanish it means a 'route' or 'road,' and in Swedish it means 'square'. So, not quite so cool in those countries.

Tags: | Ruta Gedmintas,Flower,Father,Road,

Old white guys can be a funny bunch, can't they? The same anti-same-sex marriage, anti-affirmative action cadre can flower into the biggest supporters of 'equality' the minute they get a whiff of minority empowerment.

Tags: | John Ridley,Funny,Marriage,Flower,

My family is Chilean, and I was born there. By the time I was four, we were living in San Antonio, Texas, and I just remember picking a blue bonnet and getting yelled at by some guy with a sheriff hat and a badge. I was traumatized. He told me it was the state flower, and I wasn't supposed to be messin' with it.

Tags: | Pedro Pascal,Time,Flower,Blue,

Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

Tags: | Hans Christian Andersen,Nature,Flower,Sunshine,


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Flower images · Pexels · Free Stock Photos
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Flower images · Pexels · Free Stock Photos
Flowers Images & Wallpapers. PlusQuotes
Flowers Images & Wallpapers. PlusQuotes

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