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The reality is I'm not this person with this driving 'get it done' attitude.

Tags: | Greg Giraldo,Reality,Driving,Done,

If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1,000 MPG.

Tags: | Bill Gates,Technology,Cars,Driving,

It's like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.

Tags: | E. L. Doctorow,Night,Driving,Way,

I don't run a car, have never run a car. I could say that this is because I have this extremely tender environmentalist conscience, but the fact is I hate driving.

Tags: | David Attenborough,Hate,Driving,Conscience,

I've always been attracted to cars, and driving is a completely measurable experience: if you qualify last on the grid, you're the slowest, and if you qualify first on the grid, you're the fastest. So no one can say you're slow if you're fast and no one can say you're fast if you're slow.

Tags: | Eric Bana,Experience,Cars,Driving,

To understand the intensity of driving an F1 car, you have to be in it. When you're driving a 750hp machine at 200mph, the noise and the vibrations are incredible. The G-force when you take big corners is like someone trying to rip your head off. You hit the brakes, and it feels as if the skin is being pulled off your body.

Tags: | Jenson Button,Body,Driving,Trying,

There are races and then there are races. And without a doubt, the Indy 500 is the race that I've always wanted to attend. And now, to be driving the Corvette Pace Car... this is going to be unbelievable.

Tags: | Guy Fieri,Doubt,Driving,Race,

I would never kill a living thing, although I probably have inadvertently while driving automobiles.

Tags: | Captain Beefheart,Living,Driving,Never,

I rolled the second car that I ever owned, a Toyota 4 Runner. This was winter in Colorado, two weeks before the 2002 Olympic trials. I was driving in the outside lane, and my rear tire caught some black ice, and we totally turned sideways to the point where we were heading right toward the median.

Tags: | Apolo Ohno,Winter,Black,Driving,

I miss Saturday morning, rolling out of bed, not shaving, getting into my car with my girls, driving to the supermarket, squeezing the fruit, getting my car washed, taking walks.

Tags: | Barack Obama,Morning,Fruit,Driving,

And suddenly I realised that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was driving it by a kind of instinct, only I was in a different dimension.

Tags: | Ayrton Senna,Driving,Kind,Different,

One of the first things a British visitor to Southern California discovers is that he must have a car. Freeways. Bad public transport. I took driving lessons.

Tags: | Christopher Lee,Driving,Bad,Southern,

I hate when someone drives my car and resets all the radio presets. I don't understand it. If I was ever driving someone's car, I would never touch the things that were set.

Tags: | Will Ferrell,Hate,Driving,Radio,

I had to stop driving my car for a while... the tires got dizzy.

Tags: | Steven Wright,Driving,Stop,Dizzy,


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