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When I passed the age of 50, I learned how to control my emotions.

Tags: | Mahmoud Darwish,Control,Emotions,Learned,

I hope this will help new moms not feel alone or desperate, and that there is no shame in their feelings. PPD is out of their control, but the treatment and healing process is not.

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The amount of control you have over somebody if you can monitor internet activity is amazing.

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When I came to University of California, San Francisco to work on infectious disease, I looked around to different options, and malaria was particularly interesting and fascinating to me. It's amazing that after 100 years of study of this little parasite, we've not been able to effectively control it.

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Anger is a momentary madness, so control your passion or it will control you.

Tags: | G. M. Trevelyan,Passion,Control,Madness,

Be modest, humble, simple. Control your anger.

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In general I was a good kid. It usually took a lot to make me mad. But once I reached the boiling point, I lost all rational control. Totally without thinking, when my anger was aroused, I grabbed the nearest brick, rock, or stick to bash someone. It was as if I had no conscious will in the matter.

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But on second thought, after I decreed the state of emergency, I came to the conclusion that that was impossible to achieve without bloodshed because the street protesters were full of anger and nearly out of control. This is why I thought we needed to find another way out.

Tags: | Eduard Shevardnadze,Control,Thought,Impossible,

Being irrational and out of control is what happens in real life. Not cautiously choreographing your anger or your emotions, losing yourself in them is what happens in real life.

Tags: | Margot Robbie,Life,Control,Losing,

President Obama and members of his administration constantly express rage and anger over events totally within their control. It's an odd and unsettling fact of American life that so many Americans seem to think that such expressions of frustration should substitute for actual competence.

Tags: | Ben Shapiro,Life,American,Control,

Yesterday, we fought wars which destroyed cities. Today, we are concerned with avoiding a war which will destroy the earth. We can adapt atomic energy to produce electricity and move ships, but can we control its use in anger?

Tags: | Robert Kennedy,War,Today,Control,

I've spent a lot of time and money trying to keep my anger in control.

Tags: | Yancy Butler,Time,Money,Control,

Cost overruns are not uncommon in architecture, particularly for designs that depart from structural or technological norms, or demand a finer quality of execution than commercial schemes - conditions typical of buildings for cultural institutions. Budgets are exceeded for many reasons, not all of them within an architect's control.

Tags: | Martin Filler,Quality,Control,

In effect, the Internet is a global connection of interconnected computers. It has been described as truly a peer-to-peer system with many distributed nodes and no central point of control architecture.

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